"All the aides my mother had are great. We absolutely adore all of the aides that care for my mother. They are all so so wonderful and kind. They go above and beyond. They are angels." J.S(Essex County)


" All of your aides cared for my mother at Overlook Medical Center. They are so insightful, kind, and intelligent. They are all so professional." N.H (Union County)


"All of the aides have been very good and helpful. They are exceptional and they go above and beyond." R.S (Essex County)


" The aides and nurses that came to the hotel were perfect and wonderful. I was happy to set everything up with the APCS team. I loved everybody who came to the hotel to provide care to me. I am grateful to your team." J.S (Essex County)


"The aide is absolutely wonderful and is an A++. She knows exactly what to do and she does it well. She always has a smile on her face and stays calm. She is amazing and I love having her here at the house." B.W (Essex County)


"The aide was an exceptional cargiver for my brother. The care meant a lot for my brother and my family was happy the aide looked after him so well" C.B(Essex County)


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